Real Estate Trends

With a changing market ahead, I plan to keep my clients on top of the latest statistics from the local registry of deeds and multiple listing service as well as local publishings. My mission is to help educate my potential clients ahead of time to prepare them for when it's time for them to take their life changing step with me.

Sunday, May 15, 2011


YES...cook to write up the offer...etc are Key for new construction empty homes... !

Friday, March 28, 2008

Dominican Republic Mission

I'd like to thank all those who supported our mission with your donnations and prayers. We all stayed healthy and came back with lots of photos and stories to tell. Click the link below for a synopsis of our trip. Hopefully we'll return again next year!
Check out this link to see more:

While I was over there, of course I observed the Real Estate market. I found a new 100 lot subdivision in the mountains of Jarabacoa, not far from Santiago, with breathtaking views.
Preconstruction prices can be made today. Contact me if you'd like to see photos or get more information.

I also found some treasure beach properties on the north shore where the surf was up with 12 foot waves!

Let me know if you ever consider investing in paradise while the prices and rates are reduced.


Sunday, October 21, 2007

Homes sales upturn by end of year

The National Association of Realtor's fall forecast suggests sales will be basically flat for a bit, before turning upward by the end of the year and continue to increase in 2008.
Mortgage companies are becoming more creative and accommodating with FIXED rates that are still low. Short Sales and Bank Owned properties are competing with the inventory of homes and will continue to bring the prices down along with the affordability index. Good time to be in the driver's seat as a buyer! Contact me as a buyer's agent to see whats waiting for you on Cape Cod!

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Home Buyer and Seller MUST READ websites

Need to find out ANYTHING about a certain city, town, country?? will tell you all you need to know and more....

Insurance fraud concerns? Identity theft concerns? "Get a C.L.U.E" Report at . You can discover the past 5 years of insurance claims on this report! A MUST have for any buyer!

Questions about Fair Housing Practices?? Find your answers to any concerns at

OK...Buying, or contemplating buying better get a bit of advice at The lastest in consumer reports!

Now, if you're BUYING a home, you can find out what interest rate you should be qualified for based on your confidential Credit Score. Check out to find out more.
You want to do this BEFORE we get together to view any properties, to know your monthly payments.
I can help you find a mortgage broker to acquire your preappoval letter.

One more thing... after we find your perfect Dream home.... Vacation home..... Second Home ..... Starter home.... enter the new zip code on and you will have access to all the
utility companies and a change of address form will be available from the local Post Office. You can even track down where to buy the CHEAPEST GAS or find out if your flight is on time....Everything from soup to nuts!

I hope these will be helpful for a LESS stressful move... CHOW!

Sunday, September 24, 2006


Q: What if clutter is a problem with a listing? I'm talking piles in the house!
A: Do not waste time, energy or hard earned dollars on a listing like this if your client isn't willing to store their stuff. Space clearing it the FIRST step in the process of creating good feng shui.

Q: Can Feng Shei hurdle this difficult market place?
A: It can command top dollar in any market...but it can not hurdle an over priced lisitng.

Q: Are the design on a pointed roof poison arrows?
A: Actually it will protect you if on the top of the roof. It's the neighbors energy that will be of concern. The placement of a windchime, flag or wind sock will mitigate some of the neighbors energy.

Q: I slept well facing the SE, but my head is in direct alignment with a long hallway through my bedroom door. If the door to the hallway is closed, would the long hallway still impact my health?
A: Yes. Chi moves through anything, even mountains. A long hallway creates a fast moving pathway of energy, know as a poison arrow. Play it safe by selecting one of the three other directions.

Friday, September 22, 2006

New Rules for Critical Pricing

As inventory of homes nears 10-year high, pricing becomes trickier, relocating is trickier. As housing markets cool, new tactics are recommended:
Price homes in the bottom 25% of comparable properties.
First time buyers should not over stretch finances, expecting rising prices.
Relocaters should look for a home that will be easy to resell if transferring again soon.

The number of houses for sale is up 30% compared to last year according to the National Association of Realtors. The group predicted home sales would drop close to 6% in 2006 compared to a 4.4% gain in 2005. High mortgage rate have also made houses less affordable, with variable rates moving up the fastest!

Sellers need to make sure their house comes across as a good value compared to other homes on the market. Pricing is absolutely critical now. Ceiling height, quality of renovations, and first impression with curb appeal and front entrance are vital considerations today. Some sellers are even turning to stagers to give their property a better personality! Today, computers are used to screen listings based on price, size and other parameters. Price needs to drop about 4% if the listing does not generate several showings within about 3 weeks.

Buyers have the opportunity to be more thoughtful about their purchases and can negotiate for a lower price, a more flexible move in date, or incentives such a seller paid closing costs.

My advice: If you have any way not to sell right now, don't!

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Cape Cod Tax Rates per Town

Barnstable: $6.31/$1,000 of assessed value
Chatham: $3/73 Dennis: $4.26
Bourne: $6.50 Eastham: $4.69
Brewster: $5.58 Falmouth: $5.43
Harwich: $5.89 Mashpee: $6.34
Orleans: $4.16 Provincetown: $5.56
Sandwich: $9.36 Truro: $4.40
Welfleet: $ 4.59 Yarmouth: $5.93